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Our extensive expertise in water desalination has allowed us to develop a superior line in products and services to ensure you attain all your water requirements. Whether you require drinking water for bottling or the creation of an entire plant, we are equipped to cater to your every need.

We supply potable, sweet water, low TDS, remineralised and demineralised water to a range of corporate clients in the Hamriyah Free Zone and further afield. We can tailor water to your own recipe and mineral requirements, creating outstanding products for both drinking and industrial use waters that meet international standards.

In addition, we have developed a fantastic projects team, who bring a wide range of skills and know-how to the design, development and operation services side of the business. Should your desalination needs extend to the creation, build and operation of your own plant, Alpha Utilities can assist you in developing and delivering your future water needs.

Our services



We have extensive skills, experience and expertise in the creation of desalination plant designs



We are proficient and practised in the project management of plant construction from start to commission



We are well versed in assembling effective teams to manage and monitor working desalination and wastewater plants

Our products

Potable, Sweet Water

In our modern, clean plant, we produce Potable, Sweet Water and supply to the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority and its investors.

Low TDS and
Re-Mineralised Water

For packaged and bottled drinking water companies, we are a source for clean, low-TDS, high-quality drinking water, ready for bottling. We also supply remineralised water tailored to recipe requirements.

Demineralised Water

Our demineralised water can be used for a range of industrial applications such as swimming pools, laboratories and hospitals plus many more.

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